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Philadelphia Fury


IFK Maryland




Luke Busuttil

Get to know LUKE BUSUTTIL This time The Blues’ striker Luke Busuttil (22) is in the spotlights. He left his home country Malta to pursue his football dreams in the US. Luke, can you tell something about your personal background? I was born in the city of Piéta on the main island of Malta, which is also called Malta. Malta is a republic in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy, with around 400.000 inhabitants. Piéta is situated close to the capital of Malta, Valletta. What is your usual position in the team? My favorite position is the one of left winger or right winger. I can also play on the position behind the strikers. The 4-3-3 system is my favorite system. Which are your main skills as a player? Those are my speed and technical skills. Furthermore, I like to give assists to my team mates so that they can score a goal. Former teams? On the island of Malta I played for several teams, from when I was a kid: Piéta Hotspurs, Medina Knights FC, Melita FC, Luxol FC and then again with Melita FC. Favorite soccer team? Juventus from Turin. Since I was a young kid, I have loved this team and that feeling never changed. Your ambitions? Right now, I want to work 100% for our team, I am really focusing on that. We’ll see what future brings. I hope to get better as a player, here with IFK Maryland, and then make steps ahead. And your expectations for the season ahead? We are working very hard and need to keep doing so, then we will do well. My main goal is to win the League with IFK Maryland. We shouldn’t just participate and see where that goes. I hate losing games. If we continue to do our very best, we will prevail! What do you think about Baltimore? It is a nice place to live. Life is quite active here. You meet a lot of people when you go out in the city. Baltimore is even more amazing when the weather is nice. Why did you choose to play soccer for IFK Maryland? I was playing with Maleta FC when a scout watched me play. He came to me and told me that he liked what he saw. He asked me whether I was interested in a soccer career abroad. Of course I was. I already wanted to leave Malta, to pursue my career. It didn’t matter to me whether that was elsewhere in Europe or in the US. This scout established the contact between Chris Saul and me and that’s how I got here! It’s my first experience as a professional soccer player, that’s great!

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