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    6/18/2016   7:00:00 PM        Location                           

Philadelphia Fury


IFK Maryland


Defensive Midfield


Karmo Bolay




In the coming weeks we will be introducing the players of IFK Maryland to our supporters. We start with a familiar face at Latrobe Park, Vice President and youth coach Karmo Bolay (26).

Karmo, can you tell something about your personal background?

‘I was born in Baltimore when my parents, who are from Liberia, were living here. My dad studied at Johns Hopkins. After that, we returned to Liberia. Liberia is the country of George Weah, one of the best soccer players ever. I came back to the US at the age of 14 and have been living here since. I went to college at Liberty University in Virginia. Then I transferred to Towson University during my Sophomore year to complete my undergraduate studies.’

What is your usual position in the team? 

‘I am a defensive midfield player.’

Which are your main skills as a player? 

‘ My aggressiveness. I do not hold back. My composure. And I think I have a pretty decent touch.’

Former teams?

‘FC Maryland and before that I played soccer at Chesapeake High School. At the age of 23, I started coaching at the CSSM Soccer Academy. From that moment on, my main focus was on coaching. I played in amateur leagues meanwhile to keep in shape.’

Favorite soccer team?

‘Chelsea. Especially under the reign of José Mourinho. I like his managing style. He has a lot of confidence and never gives up.’

Your ambitions?

‘My main goal is to make everyone around me at IFK Maryland better and play soccer as long as I can. IFK Maryland is my heart, my soul and my dream!’

And your expectations for the season ahead?

‘We have to work from the first day till the last day of the season to get better. We truly have to show to Baltimore what IFK Maryland is all about. A great soccer team! We will show that on the pitch and wake up Baltimore!’

What do you think about Baltimore?

 ‘I used to live in Pasadena, in Anne Arundel County. Now I am living in Baltimore. It’s a great place to live for a professional player and young guy like me. You get to know a lot of new people in Baltimore. Everything here in town is so easy to go to as well.’

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